Allipure Series – High Efficiency Filter Bags

Allipure Series – High Efficiency Filter Bags

Allipure Series – High Efficiency Filter Bags3

Allipure Series – High Efficiency Filter Bags

Allied Filter Systems Ltd has developed the Allipure series, a unique range of absolute rated filter bags rated from 5 to 0.6 micron, which perform to an efficiency of 99.98% (Beta 5000) at the stated micron rating.

For processes requiring absolute and/or sub micron liquid process filtration, the use of filter cartridges has previously been the method of choice to achieve high performance in critical applications with consumable filter elements.

The Allipure series utilizes filter media which has previously only been used in the manufacture of cartridge filters. This enables processes to achieve the same efficiencies using bag filters whilst benefiting from the advantages that a bag filter system has over an equivalent sized cartridge system.

The Allipure series is constructed from upto 8 layers of Polypropylene melt blown media, graded to give progressively finer filtration as the process liquid passes through the filter bag. This ensures that the dirt loading of fine particles is distributed effectively within the filter media. A coarse meltblown prefilter layer is present, to give high dirt holding capacities and protection to the finer filtration layers, prolonging the filter bag lifetime.

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